Dear Valued Customer,

Due to continuous weakening of Ringgit against US Dollar and slim profit margin, we can no longer maintain the pricing of our domain names at current rate. The previous major revision of our domain names pricing was in 2011.

Please refer to the following table for the new pricing. It will take effect on 21st Sept 2015. You may still renew your domain names at current price. However, if the invoice is not paid on 20th Sept 2015, it will be revised according to the new pricing. So, don't miss this chance to renew them before the price hike and save some money in the long run.

Please note that all .MY domain names are not affected and the pricing will remain the same.

New Pricing on 21st Sept. 2015

TLD Before 21st Sep 2015 On 21st Sep 2015
com RM46.00 RM57.90
net RM49.10 RM63.00
org RM49.10 RM66.90
asia RM64.60 RM81.30
biz RM50.10 RM63.00
cn RM38.80 RM48.80 RM38.80 RM48.80 RM33.60 RM42.30
info RM47.60 RM65.60
mobi RM85.30 RM107.20
name RM42.40 RM53.20
tel RM67.20 RM84.50
us RM36.20 RM45.50 RM127.00 RM187.00 RM127.00 RM187.00 RM127.00 RM187.00 RM138.00 RM206.40 RM79.00 RM93.50
sg RM127.00 RM187.00
kr RM246.00 RM387.00 RM246.00 RM387.00

For pricing of other domain extensions, please drop us a note at

I'm sorry for this price hike. I hope you understand that this is something we would like to avoid but we have to do it in order to remain profitable in this business. We promise we will revise the pricing again if the Ringgit has strengthen against the USD.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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