Terms and Conditions for .CO.TH

  • The .co.th domain registration is a manual process and it required 5 – 10 business days to complete. We will notify you on the registration status via email
  • Only one .co.th domain can be registered per business registered in Thailand;
  • Registrant transfer is not allowed for a .CO.TH domain name.
  • To register .co.th, registrant MUST be a company locally incorporated in Thailand, or have a local representative registered within Thailand and be authorized by the foreign company to apply for the domain
  • Supporting document required to register a .CO.TH domain name, please refer to naming from the company name or naming from trademark/service mark for further details on the supporting document required
  • Documents need to be submitted in jpeg file with maximum 256KB and/or pdf file with maximum 1MB.
  • Chosen domain should be strongly similar to applying entity’s full name or abbreviation;
  • A .CO.TH domain can be register by naming from the company name or naming from trademark/service mark;

i) Naming from company name

  • Domain naming must same as the administrative contact's company name or its abbreviation;
  • Only one .co.th domain can be registered per business registered in Thailand;
  • Required document to register a .CO.TH domain name;
Company Type Required Documents
Company which register within Thailand (the company must be registered under Thai Law) Business license, Thor-kor0401/Por-kor0401 or Por-por20 (you will got Por-por20 if your company has been put to VAT system)
Company Limited / Limited Partnership's Registration Document (Thor-Khor-0401)
Company Limited / Limited Partnership's Certification Paper
VAT Registration Document (Por-Por-20)
VAT Modification Request Paper (Por-Por-09)
Overseas Commercial Permission Document (Thor-Khor-0506)
Foreign company which has a local representative office An establishment paper of the parent company
An establishment paper of Thai company
a letter from parent company contain 2 main contents - Certify that Thai company is a representative office - Allow Thai company to use parent company name as its domain name

ii) Naming from trademark/service mark

  • Domain naming must be exactly trade mark/service mark (can't be abbreviation/extended from trade mark/service mark);
  • A company can register domain name as much as number of trade mark/ service mark it has registered business;
  • The required supporting document is a certificate of trademark registration which was issued by Thai Government - Intellectual Property office (Thailand)
  • The domain name in (2) must be identical to the registered trademark;
  • Translation of trademark will not be accepted.
  • If the trademark is not in English, English letters can be substituted;
  • If the trademark has expired, the domain name will be deleted;
  • Any name selection conflict occurs in the name selection, the first-come-first-serve role will be applied;
  • Registry reserves the right to reject or accept requests in the final step.
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