Terms and Conditions for .SG domain names

  • .sg - Applicable for all with a valid Singapore postal address. A foreign applicant may apply only with appoints a local agent having a valid Singapore postal address as the Administrative Contact.
  • .com.sg - Applicable for companies and businesses which must be a commercial entities registered or are about to be registered with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority. A foreign company may register only it has a representative in Singapore.
  • .net.sg - Applicable for network providers and info-com operators in Singapore possessing a valid license issued by the Info-Communications Development Authority, and/or data storage or hosting services providers, providers of dedicated connectivity services and operators of value added networks.
  • .org.sg - Applicable only for organizations which are either registered or are about to be registered with the Registry of Societies and other non-profit organization in Sinagpore.
  • edu.sg - Applicable for educational institutions registered with Ministry of Education at Singapore.
  • per.sg - Applicable only for Singapore citizen or permanent resident aged 18 years and above. Parents, guardians or immediate family member shall apply on behalf of an applicant who is below 18 years of age.
  • Partner may validate all business firms, local companies, foreign companies, limited liability partnerships(LLP), limited partnerships(LP), Public Accounting Corporations(PAC) and Public Accounting Firms(PAF) registered in Singapore via Singapore BizFile record.
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