Terms and Conditions for .ID

  1. Domain naming requirement: the domain name must be similar or related to the registrant name, or registrant’s company, trademark, product or agency/representative.
  2. Registrant must be either an organization or individual residing in Indonesia with valid local address and able to provide with supporting document stated in https://www.webnic.cc/id/.
  3. Document must be in .jpg, .gif, or .pdf format only, file size must be less than 256KB.
  4. All documents must be submitted to WebNIC within 3 days from the submission date.
  5. Kindly ensure all documents are prepared BEFORE you submit the registration application.
  6. If documents are not received within 3 days, the domain will be suspended, you have another 27 days to submit the documents to activate the domain. Failed to do so will cause the domain deleted by registry without refund.
  7. If you are subscribing to our proxy service, all documents must be submitted within 30 days from the submission date. Failed to do so will cause the domain being deleted without refund.
  8. If proxy service is subscribed, applicant has to submit a duly signed Domain Name Proxy Agreement together with the supporting document. Please click here to download the Domain Name Proxy Agreement.
  9. If the due date falls on weekend, you are required to submit the document at least one (1) working day before the due date.
  10. In case if the initial documents submitted does not pass the registry’s validation, registrant requires to re-submit with valid documents within the 30 days period from the domain submission date, failed in which the registration will be deleted by registry without refund.
  11. .MY.ID and .WEB.ID can only be apply by individual, therefore cannot be register together with other 3LD.ID extensions that are applied by organization, such as .CO.ID and .BIZ.ID in the same registration process.
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