How to setup POP3 Email Account in eM Client

This article will guide you how to setup POP3 email account in eM Client. If you have not install it, you can download it and install it for free. You can use the free license if you are not using it for more than 2 email accounts, doesn't need VIP support and for personal use. Otherwise, you might need to upgrade it to eM Client Pro.

When you run the software for the first time, it should come up with the following "New Account" window. Otherwise, you need to go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the "+" (Add new account) button located at bottom left.

Select Mail > Other

Select Mail > Other

Click next and enter your email address

  • Select POP3.
  • Incoming server is using the mail subdomain. If your domain is, then the incoming mail server will be
  • User name is your full email address and password is your email password.
  • Click Next

Outgoing server, user name and password are the same with the settings in Incoming Server. Do not tick the "Outgoing server doesn't require authentication" option.

Click ignore test results and click next.

Enter your name and account name. Both can be anything. It's up to you. Click next.

Select "Create separate folder tree for messages" and click Finish.

Go to POP3 tab. For Security policy, select "Don't use secure connection". You can change the options under "Server settings" if you wish but DON'T UNTICK the "Remove from server after X days" option otherwise you will use up the allocated storage quota for your mailbox.

Go to SMTP tab and change the Port number to 587 and Security policy to "Don't use secure connection".

Click OK and you are done!
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